9th International Type Design Competition
for non-Latin typefaces


GRANSHAN Competition 2016: Call for Entries

We are very proud to announce the 9th international Non-Latin Typeface Competition GRANSHAN 2016.
From now on type designers, manufacturers or publishers have the chance to submit typefaces or type families in three new main categories. On recognition of the relevance of multiscript we widened the possibilities of entries. Please find detailed information below.
The international jury under the chair of Edik Ghabuzyan and Boris Kochan will take place during the ATypI Conference mid-September in Warsaw. The other jury members are Chang Sik Kim, Gerry Leonidas, Haytham Nawar, Angela Poghosowa, Fiona Ross, Adi Stern, Alexey Vanyashin, Anuthin Wongsunkakon, Liu Zhao.
Please take care of the deadline for entries: August 31st 2016.
The announcement of the winners will be latest end of October 2016.

Edik Ghabuzyan and Boris Kochan

GRANSHAN Competition: Turn

After eight years of growth, the GRANSHAN Competition is established as the definitive forum for non- Latin typeface design, covering a wide range of scripts for communities on a global scale. In response to this position we are changing the structure of the competition to recognize the growing significance of communication within a script / language combination, as well as across multiple scripts.
From the very first discussions about its foundation, the GRANSHAN Competition has aimed to promote awareness of individual scripts: from the most widely used, to scripts in use by small communities or even under threat.
At the same time, we are aware that global communication increasingly demands typefaces that cover combinations of scripts. For example, typefaces for Chinese documents require a suitable Latin complement. And significant applications like wayfinding require multiple coordinated scripts: the Korean capital orientation system places Hangul alongside Chinese, Japanese and English texts. Armenian documentations often need to use texts in Latin too.
To foreground excellence in design in these areas we are establishing three new main categories for the ninth GRANSHAN competition in 2016:

1st new main category: non-Latin
This category is exclusively for non-Latin scripts, with no Latin complements.
Designers will be expected to declare if the typeface is designed for one ore more of the following possible uses:

  • as a text typeface
  • as a headline typeface
  • as a display typeface
Designers can submit typefaces that span these categories. Entries are possible in following scripts:
  • Arabic (text, headline or display)
  • Armenian (text, headline or display)
  • Chinese – traditional and simplified (text, headline or display)
  • Cyrillic (text, headline or display)
  • Greek (text, headline or display)
  • Hebrew (text, headline or display)
  • Indian (text, headline or display)
  • Korean (text, headline or display)
  • Thai (text, headline or display)
  • and all other scripts only as display typefaces

2nd new main category: non-Latin–Latin
This category is especially for typefaces that have been developed with a specific combination of a non- Latin and a Latin version, which are intended to be combined in use.
If there are multiple non-Latin complements, each combination must be submitted separately.
In the judging process we will first look at the quality of each non-Latin script, then apply the same criteria to the Latin part, and finally judge the quality of the combination.

3rd new main category: Multiscript non-Latin
This category is for typefaces with at least two non-Latin complements intended to work together, with no reference to an accompanying Latin. We will first review the excellence of every script in itself, and subsequently the quality of the combination. In this category Latin entries won’t be accepted. If the submission is intended to include other than in category 1 listed scripts, GRANSHAN requires information about the supplemented scripts latest 1 July 2016 to provide the judgment on highest level (entries@granshan.org).


The GRANSHAN Competition was originally founded 2007 by the Armenian Ministry of Culture. From 2009 to 2014/2015 the Typographic Society Munich was initiating partner. Throughout the year 2016 we will form the GRANSHAN Foundation to unite the different GRANSHAN Projects like Conferences, Festivals, Exhibitions and the Competition. To realize this vision the cooperation with the present partners like the Armenian Ministry of Culture, KOCHAN & PARTNER and many more organizations and companies will be continued in the future.